Taste of Asia

TASTE explores the wonderful cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore & Bali. Our tours focus on food and gastronomy but without ever losing sight and respect for local communities, cultural heritage and authenticity. Travelling to cook, eat, taste and discover.


Join us on the perfect culinary holiday!

Taste of Vietnam


Some call it the world’s first real fusion kitchen, others are simply won over by its simplicity and originality. Taste of Vietnam offers you the very best that Vietnamese cookery has to offer on an amazing journey through this fascinating country. We explore  the whole of Vietnam, from the mountainous Chinese border town of Sapa in the North, to the jungle city of Can Tho along the Mekong river in the South.


Taste of Thailand

Thailand is widely known for its abundant diversity in exceptional food and the heartwarming smiles of the locals everywhere you go. Just about every Thai regards eating and enjoying food as something of the highest importance, almost a matter of national security. Prepare to enter a true foodie Valhalla, with Bangkok as its culinary capital.


Taste of Asia: Discover Vietnam, Thailand & Bali
This brochure gives you more information about us at Taste and our different travel destinations in Asia. It explores the relationship between gastronomy, history and culture in Bali, Thailand and Vietnam.
Taste of Asia - Vietnam - Thailand - Bal
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Taste of Vietnam: 15-day Itinerary
A 15-day tour exploring the whole of Vietnam, from the mountainous Chinese border town of Sapa in the North, to Can Tho along the Mekong river on the Southern border with Cambodia. It shows a clear overview and day by day breakdown of the different activities and sights.
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